Perception of Architectural Language and Heritage: An Experiment with Eye-Tracking

(0), 2022 09 16

The event aims to demonstrate to the schoolchildren that architecture is not merely about drawing buildings but also about understanding human behaviour. There would be a presentation about the process of perception and perception of architectural language and a hands-on session with eye-tracking glasses. The language of the presentation is English; therefore, the event will benefit the schoolchildren regarding the improvement of their language skills. Participants with English knowledge are welcome.

Renginio informacija

Renginio nr.252
Lektorius(-iai)dr. Huriye Armağan Doğan
Data2022 09 16
Renginio pradžia13:00
VietaKTU Architektūros ir statybos instituto 317 aud.
AdresasTunelio g. 60, Kaunas, Lietuva


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